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The Festival

“San Fermin is the sound of a bass drum”, he said in a long time a local writer. The true is that the bum-bum deaf and far of the bass drum is the background sound of the festival.

Ernest Hemingway

Most of the worldwide fame of the Sanfermines is due to the references made by Ernest Hemingway in his articles as a reporter and in his novel “The Sun Also Rises”.

The Running of the Bulls

The running of the bulls is the central event in San Fermin. Every morning, at exactly eight o’clock, six bulls and six or seven cows run.


From the old times, explore all the wonderful pictures, cultural events and exhibitions, of San Fermin Festival. Here you can find a beutiful media gallery with awesome photos.

Old Plaza del Castillo Pamplona
The Origins

An history that born in Century XVII to the popularization on the Century XX.

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Old Times San Fermin
Old Times

The San Fermin Festival in the old times was not like in present: gradually it has progressed in some aspects in good and in bad.

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Bigheads San Fermin

One week after the procession, the last day of holiday, the city council parades once again in procession preceded by the troupe, the official group of bigheads, giants and the Pamplonesa band.

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